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Custom cutting room, sewing workshop - custom production

Custom cutting room equipped with modern high-end clothing and sewing machines for clothing provides high-quality materials, processing according to customer requirements. A large number of special sewing machines enables fancy details. Our main workshop is sewing of clothes for sports and leisure wear as well as for advertising and trade purposes.

Our production meet the individual needs of customers from all advertising spheres. We sew according to men's and women's cuts, we also nonstandard sizes tailored.


  • The composition of the material can be 100% cotton or mixed (95% cotton, 5% elastane, or a different ratio of cotton or polyester)
  • We offer a wide range of colors - from the sampler

  • Weight substances from 135g/m2 to 380g/m2

  • Our products are manufactured technologies, guaranteeing quality. Of course there is the sophistication of detail in the stitching and finishing of each garment

  • Each garment is labeled on the method of maintenance. If you keep the clothing according to these instructions, you will be long and reliable service

Award of contract we will need the following information:

  • weight and composition of the material

  • the color of the substance (or color combination)

  • cut clothing (if different to cut some of our clothing warehouse, must deliver tailored drawing or sample)

  • amount of goods ordered

Based on this information, we will prepare complete cost.

Samples of our work - T-shirts

Samples of our work - polo

Samples of our work - sweatshirts

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